The Eurovision 2024 tweets – raw and not annotated

It was Eurovision 2024 yesterday, and as has now become something of a tradition for me, I watched it with Twitter open and a ready supply of cider – thus becoming increasingly under the influence of cider as the evening rolled on and commenting on Twitter.

On a couple of occasions in the past, I’ve subsequently taken the evening’s tweets and turned them into blog posts, adding a lot of additional information, pictures, and additional links, to give context to some of my random nonsense. That can take time, though, which is why it doesn’t always happen.

Last year, I went through my tweets the day after the contest and copied them to a text file in a format that I hoped would make at least one part of that easier – my idea was that I could write a quick script for one of my pieces of RISC OS software, WebChange, to add some HTML tags around it and turn it into something more useful.

It then stayed as a text file on my computer and got forgotten about.

This year, I’ve done the same – earlier today I copied off the tweets, using the same format. I was going to then save the file off to deal with at a later point, knowing that I may very well never get around to it.

However, I then decided to have a go – so I knocked up a quick WebChange script and ran it through. I made a couple of mistakes, so it took a couple of attempts, but the end result is usable. The script could do with some further tweaking (so in the meantime I’ve done some tweaking of the output), and I may add some additional bits to it in time so I can get it to take the process further, but for now it has produced something useable.

So below are my Eurovision 2024 tweets. I have not added any annotations to these, so they lack context in terms of the contest itself, not to mention anything I may have been referring to. Hopefully, though, it’ll be easier for me to knock together a follow-up post to this with all of that (and images etc) at a later date – but if not, at the very least I can get something like this up within a day of the show in future!

2024-05-11; 7:49am: It’s #eurovision2024 day, so a heads up for any new followers since last year (if any – probably just bots given what Twitter is like now): I watch it while getting sloshed and tweeting silly comments. I therefore tweet a lot more than usual these days.

2024-05-11; 7:49am: If you want to know what you can expect, I turned a couple of older Eurovision drunk-tweet sessions into blog posts.
Eurovision 2021: The live/drunk tweet-along from Eurovision 2021
Eurovision 2017: Eurovision 2017 – as seen through cider-specs!

2024-05-11; 7:49am: I say every year that I want to do the same again, but it’s quite time consuming pissing around getting all the links, the right screen grabs, links to other things, and so on.
So I want to do the same for #eurovision2024… but breath should not be held.

2024-05-11; 7:50am: I *think* for #eurovision2023 I did go through my tweets within a day or two of the contest and copy them off – probably with links to the tweets themselves. So I’ll probably get that far at least. 🙄

2024-05-11; 7:54am: I have been thinking of a slightly different approach to the blog, though – instead of a tweet-by-tweet post, craft the tweets into a paragraph or two about each act. I’m not sure it’ll be as good, but might try it this year instead. Might it be quicker to do? Or just as bad?

2024-05-11; 12:04pm: I’ve now located the text file I created of the tweets last year. So that’s something. It’s probably a bit late now, but I *might* think about html-ifying it at some point just because. 🤷‍♂️

Quote-tweeting: 2024-05-11; 7:50am: I *think* for #eurovision2023 I did go through my tweets within a day or two of the contest and copy them off – probably with links to the tweets themselves. So I’ll probably get that far at least. 🙄

2024-05-11; 12:16pm: In fact, looking at it – should be easy to process through WebChange. Almost certainly my thinking at the time. That would save a chunk of time.
So I’ll use the same format tomorrow to copy out all my tweets from today.

2024-05-11; 7:39pm: Now my glasses are sorted, it’s time to start drinking and set up iPlayer and Twitter for #Eurovision2024 🍺

2024-05-11; 7:50pm: Right. I now have Twitter (for me to post) on one third of my primary screen, iPlayer on the other two thirds for watching #Eurovision2024 – and a second browser window on Twitter for notifications a little way over there —>

2024-05-11; 8:02pm: #Eurovision2024 She just made me randomly think of Princess Stephanie of Monaco. Well, it’s music, innit?

2024-05-11; 8:04pm: #Eurovision2024 “everybody walk the dinosaur…”

2024-05-11; 8:05pm: #Eurovision2024 Looks like they’ve put the dinosaur on stage.

2024-05-11; 8:08pm: #Eurovision2024 I wasn’t paying full attention. We’ve lost an act already? I may seek that out and the ones that didn’t qualify for the final anyway tomorrow.

2024-05-11; 8:10pm: #Eurovision2024 I was going to say is that a Windows logo – then Norton called him Windows 95 Man, so I guess so.

2024-05-11; 8:11pm: Nemo?

2024-05-11; 8:13pm: #Eurovision2024 Tonight’s Eurovision is coming from the Alamo, which is now in Sweden.

2024-05-11; 8:16pm: #Eurovision But we also apparently have a RISC OS entry – Nemo!

2024-05-11; 8:20 #Eurovision2024 I typed the tag then ‘ooh’ – but then the singing started, so ugh

2024-05-11; 8:21pm: #Eurovision2024 I think this is based on Tony Bartram’s latest game. They have to avoid being absorbed by the grid – but I want them to lose.

2024-05-11; 8:22pm: #Eurovision2024 They keep saying she’s unforgettable but I don’t think they’ve said her name yet. Have they forgotten it?

2024-05-11; 8:24pm: #Eurovision2024 Ah, this is a prayer to the jelly lord

2024-05-11; 8:25pm: #eurovision2024 I see she’s thought about health and safety, and fully protected that shoulder.

2024-05-11; 8:28pm: #Eurovision2024 Oil drum fire – but no walls. He won ‘t feel the benefit.

2024-05-11; 8:29pm: #Eurovision2024 Whole place is on fire now. Careless. Don’t play with fire, kids.

2024-05-11; 8:30pm: #Eurovision2024 is he always on the run because he’s wanted for arson?

2024-05-11; 8:31pm: #Eurovision2024 Is Radio Luxembourg still a thing? Used to listen to that as a teen.

2024-05-11; 8:32pm: #Eurovision2024 Rapunzel.

2024-05-11; 8:33pm: #Eurovision2024 Or what Rapunzel would look like if she was a villain in the 1960s Batman series.

2024-05-11; 8:33pm: #Eurovision2024 Big electro-cats FTW

2024-05-11; 8:36pm: #Eurovision2024 That pose looks uncomfortable,

2024-05-11; 8:36pm: #Eurovision2024 Is that the crown from the Statue of Liberty behind her?

2024-05-11; 8:37pm: #Eurovision2024 They’ve moved the Alamo to Sweden *and* Liberty’s crown?

2024-05-11; 8:37pm: #Eurovision2024 Could also be a Stargate I suppose

2024-05-11; 8:40pm: #Eurovision2024 Silvester Belt? No no no. His name is now officially Silver Belt.

2024-05-11; 8:41pm: #Eurovision He’s cut the bridge of his nose and turned used a shiny plaster.
Not a patch on Adam Ant’s stripe, though

2024-05-11; 8:41pm: #Eurovision2024 Dancing ninjas with go-faster stripes FTW.

2024-05-11; 8:42pm: #Eurovision He has a lot of metal around his ears. Sometimes the lighting just makes it looks like his ears are mangled.

2024-05-11; 8:43pm: #Eurovision2024 Refill time!

2024-05-11; 8:45pm: #Eurovision2024 Modern tech is no better TBH

2024-05-11; 8:46pm: #Eurovision2024 I’ve already had to unplug/reinsert my USB hub twice since this started because my mouse had frozen.

2024-05-11; 8:49pm: #Eurovision2024 This isn’t what I expected based on Norton’s description. More cheese than a big lump of cheddar.

2024-05-11; 8:49pm: #Eurovision2024 Though I thought those blokes were about to start twerking for a moment.

2024-05-11; 8:50pm: #Eurovision Oh jeez. PLEASE DON’T TWERK!

2024-05-11; 8:50pm: #Eurovision2024 Those ‘outfits’ remind me of something, can’t remember what though

2024-05-11; 8:52pm: #Eurovision No, it’s come to me – “The sun drips down setting heavy behind, the front of your dress all shadowy lined.. the beating engine throbs in time with your beating heart… Siiiiing bluuue silver…” Duran The Chauffeur

2024-05-11; 8:53pm: #Eurovision2024 Oh I would walk 500 hundred miles…

2024-05-11; 8:53pm: #Eurovision2024 Perhaps not 🙂

2024-05-11; 8:54pm: #Eurovision2024 I think the chap with the beard might be a priest trying to perform an exorcism on the other guy.

2024-05-11; 8:55pm: #eurovision2024 That was… an entry. Don’t do drugs, kids

2024-05-11; 8:57pm: #Eurovision2024 I bet she’s a drinking buddy of Pinhead.

2024-05-11; 8:58pm: #Eurovision2024 That’s a really jarring change in the musical style but works really well.

2024-05-11; 8:58pm: #Eurovision I think if Bambi’s last name was Thug, given his pal was Thumper, that could’ve been a very different film.

2024-05-11; 9:00pm: #Eurovision2024 “Crown the witch” – I agree. My favourite so far by a mile.

2024-05-11; 9:01pm: #Eurovision2024 Rings seem to have featured in a few acts so far. Must be a thing tonight.

2024-05-11; 9:02pm: #Eurovision2024 Batman villain on-a-budget looking at the costume. Let’s call him The Bluebottle.

2024-05-11; 9:02pm: #Eurovision2024 Or maybe that ring is actually finger sized and he’s the actual size of a bluebottle. Perhaps an Ant-man enemy then.

2024-05-11; 9:03pm: #Eurovision2024 You won’t need a particularly *deep* grave if you’re bluebottle sized, mate.

2024-05-11; 9:05pm: #Eurovision2024 Any relation to Eric Satie? Will we hear Trois Gymnopedes?

2024-05-11; 9:05pm: #Eurovision2024 Ugh. I hate vertical video syndrome.

2024-05-11; 9:06pm: #eurovision2024 Something makes me think of Ultra Violet sweets. I have some hereabouts. They’re a couple of years out of date, but still taste fine.

2024-05-11; 9:06pm: #Eurovision2024 Bought some years back when I was staying at my parents’ over Halloween, for trick or treaters. Plenty left, and still keeping me going. 🙂

2024-05-11; 9:07pm: #Eurovision2024 They left her costume at home and borrowed some tinfoil from the event’s caterers to make a skirt.

2024-05-11; 9:09pm: #Eurovision2024 His vest is full of holes. Cash strapped UK. :/

2024-05-11; 9:10pm: #Eurovision2024 Is this some kind of Saw-in-Space? Which one has to cut off his own leg?

2024-05-11; 9:10pm: #Eurovision2024 Gravity sucks – especially when it doesn’t work properly.

2024-05-11; 9:11pm: #Eurovision2024 Song’s very ‘meh’ – but that’s some clever staging with the gravity.

2024-05-11; 9:18pm: #Eurovision2024 I just saw a Minbari bone on her head – but she has hair. Must be related to Delenn.

2024-05-11; 9:18pm: #Eurovision2024 Or she borrowed her cocoon thing.

2024-05-11; 9:20pm: #Eurovision2024 I didn’t expect Minbari music to sound like this. I quite like it. (Or is it because she’s a Minbari-human hybrid?)

2024-05-11; 9:20pm: #Eurovision2024 Guitar toss FTW.

2024-05-11; 9:22pm: #Eurovision2024 Do they have mangroves in Italy? I mean they might, I dunno. But those trees look mangrove-y to me.

2024-05-11; 9:22pm: #Eurovision2024 I like that chair.

2024-05-11; 9:23pm: #Eurovision2024 It looks uncomfortable as hell, and I wou;dn’t be able to get it through my door. But I like it.

2024-05-11; 9:24pm: #Eurovision2024 She didn’t look too uncomfortable in it – but was only sat for a moment.

2024-05-11; 9:26pm: #Eurovision2024 She looks like a goth Vulcan.

2024-05-11; 9:26pm: #Eurovision2024 Or a goth Elf.

2024-05-11; 9:27pm: #Eurovision2024 Xena: Eurovision Princess

2024-05-11; 9:28pm: #Eurovision2024 Longer hair than Rupunzel from earlier.

2024-05-11; 9:29pm: #Eurovision2024 IT’S A GIANT LIGHT-TRIFFID! RUN!

2024-05-11; 9:29pm: #Eurovision Liked that.

2024-05-11; 9:30pm: #Eurovision2024 It’s the Windows bloke again.

2024-05-11; 9:30pm: #Euovision2024 Is that the egg Monkey came from?

2024-05-11; 9:30pm: #Eurovision2024 Ew. I’m glad I’ve been drinking.

2024-05-11; 9:31pm: #Eurovision2024 This is like a pair of nerdy flatmates said “we’ll do it. We’ll use the Monkey egg from our TV prop/replica collection.” And then in a rush one said “I’ll get changed in the egg” and then he didn’t have time to put on his trousers.

2024-05-11; 9:33pm: #Eurovision2024 Muchly silly.

2024-05-11; 9:34pm: #Eurovision2024 More VVS but slightly wider. :/

2024-05-11; 9:35pm: #Eurovision2024 Colours other than white ARE available.

2024-05-11; 9:36pm: #Eurovision2024 Even more white.

2024-05-11; 9:36pm: #Eurovision2024 My sunglasses are in the car. (And no good for screen use anyway)

2024-05-11; 9:38pm: #Eurovision2024 The song’s apparently called Jacko – a song about classic British sitcom Brush Strokes.

2024-05-11; 9:38pm: #Eurovision2024 And apparently Leela from Doctor Who.

2024-05-11; 9:39pm: #Eurovision2024 Did she just say “give us chicken” ? On stage is NOT the right time to be ordering food.

2024-05-11; 9:39pm: #Eurovision2024 This is very colourful after the last one.

2024-05-11; 9:40pm: #Eurovision2024 There’s the chicken!

2024-05-11; 9:44pm: #Eurovision2024 I see nothing silly. I hear nothing silly. Just ordinary stuff that I might hear on the radio if I listened to anything other than Classic FM.

2024-05-11; 9:45pm: #Eurovision2024 meh

2024-05-11; 9:46pm: #Eurovision2024 It’s the #RISC_OS entry now from @nemo20000 – and it’s called the Code. Actual program code represented in song?

2024-05-11; 9:47pm: #Eurovision2024 I’m going to forever imagine Nemo looks like this now. I refuse to accept that he doesn’t.

2024-05-11; 9:48pm: #Eurovision2024 He broke the code? What’s the error message? Or is it more subtle than just producing a direct error? Is it crashing without one? Affecting another app? The OS itself? We need details!

2024-05-11; 9:49pm: #Eurovision2024 That’s good practical use of the satellite dish.

2024-05-11; 9:54pm: #Eurovision2024 Just back into the room in the nick of time. (Food)

2024-05-11; 9:55pm: #Eurovision2024 Raven, but sadly not Raven Numan – whose first few singles have been AWESOME

2024-05-11; 9:55pm: #Eurovision2024 (Biased as a fan of her dad obvs, but they really are brilliant)

2024-05-11; 9:56pm: #Eurovision2024 Is she wearing a costume or a thin paint job?

2024-05-11; 9:57pm: #Eurovision2024 With crucial bits painted with the luminous paint from Only Fools and Horses.

2024-05-11; 9:59pm: #Eurovision2024 “I’m a big boy now” says the singer of a band called Baby Lasange.

2024-05-11; 9:59pm: #Eurovision2024 He’s sold his cow. He’s a big boy now.

2024-05-11; 10:00pm: #Eurovision2024 Every line of that chorus rhymed with Jack. Is that his name? Did he sell the cow for magic beans?

2024-05-11; 10:00pm: #Eurovision Also: His costume FTW.

2024-05-11; 10:02pm: #Eurovision2024 That was silly as hell but also completely brilliant.

2024-05-11; 10:03pm: #EUROVision2024 Firefighter? She’d have been handy earlier.

2024-05-11; 10:03pm: #Eurovision2024 It seems like ages since I suggested rings were a thing tonight – and I think this is the first one we’ve seen since.

2024-05-11; 10:04pm: #eurovision2024 I’n expecting somoene on a motorbike to jump through that ring of fire soon. I’ll be disappointed if not.

2024-05-11; 10:06pm: Eurovision2024 Random silly comment. Blah blah. Someone singing. Stuff. Nonsense. i.e. I couldnb’t think of anything 🙂

2024-05-11; 10:07pm: #Eurovision2024 What? Hiroshima Mon Amour? By Ultravox!? Yay. (Okay, it won’t be)

2024-05-11; 10:07pm: #Eurovision2024 It isn’t. what a surprise. 😉

2024-05-11; 10:08pm: #Eurovision2024 Did he just mention Naboo? Is he singing about how much he loves the newr Star Wars films?

2024-05-11; 10:09pm: #Eurovision2024 I mean, I like Star Wars but going on stage at Eurovision to sinfg about it? *That* is properly dedicated fanboi stuff. Especially if it’s Phantom Menace onwards.

2024-05-11; 10:12pm: #Eurovision2024 She couldn’t decide if it would be raimning or hot – hence a raincoat over something skimpy.

2024-05-11; 10:13pm: #Eurovision2024 That costume is not at all like Hazel o’Connor’s from 8th day – but that’s what it immediately made me think of when she lost the coat.,

2024-05-11; 10:13pm: #Eurovision2024 Hazel O’Connor’s was a full body costume IIRC – almost no flesh on display other than her face. So very different.

2024-05-11; 10:14pm: #Eurovision2024 And she didn’t wear silly boots like those.

2024-05-11; 10:14pm: #Eurovision2024 If it *did* rain (rathert than raved) those tops wiould catch the rain and the boots would fill with water.

2024-05-11; 10:15pm: #Eurovision2024 totally impractical.

2024-05-11; 10:16pm: #eurovison2024 Right, my winner is Irland, with Serbia and Croatia as runners up. That’s all you need to know. You can all switch off now.

2024-05-11; 10:24pm: #Eurovision2024 Alkaseltzer.

2024-05-11; 10:29pm: #Eurovision2024 So these are the famous Abba avatars. Good grief.

2024-05-11; 10:33pm: #Eurovision2024 Vote for Ireland or I’ll have a word with my demonic buddies and they’ll mark your souls for eternal suffering.

2024-05-11; 10:34pm: #Eurovision2024 The Minbar/B5 entry.

2024-05-11; 10:34pm: #Eurovision2024 Serbia is an acceptable alternative vote.

2024-05-11; 10:36pm: #Eurovision2024 Croatia is also an acceptable option.

2024-05-11; 10:40pm: #Eurovision2024 They’ve been spending too much time with Freddy Kruger

2024-05-11; 10:41pm: #Eurovision2024 The Slithereen is back. I liked her song last year.

2024-05-11; 10:45pm: #Eurovision2024 Performing while held in that chair must be really uncomfortable. Fair play to her for doing it.

2024-05-11; 10:46pm: #Eurovision2024 They’ve started working on the next Mad Max film now, haven’t they?

Retweeting GivvyGavvyGoo: 2024-05-11; 10:50pm: Written entirely in NemoBASIC

Quote-tweeting: 2024-05-11; 9:46pm: #Eurovision2024 It’s the #RISC_OS entry now from @nemo20000 – and it’s called the Code. Actual program code represented in song?

2024-05-11; 10:55pm: #eurovision2024 10 for Ireland. Well done Ukraine – better if it was 12 though.

2024-05-11; 10:56pm: #Eurovision2024 7 for Ireland? I’m disappointed in the UK

2024-05-11; 10:59pm: #Eurovision2024 The next Azerbaijan entry should be called “Azer” and be performed by someone called “Jan”

2024-05-11; 10:59pm: #Eurovision2024 Also, it doesn’t matter which country, there should be an entry titled “By” performed by someone using the name “By”

2024-05-11; 11:02pm: #Eurovision2024 “Bye” by “Buy”

2024-05-11; 11:05pm: #Eurovision2024 Good on you Dahnundaland!

2024-05-11; 11:20pm: #Eurovision2024 A lot of juries will spend eternity experiencing a level of suffering beyond what they can imagine.

2024-05-11; 11:20pm: #Eurovision2024 Blackpool tower.

2024-05-11; 11:33pm: #Eurovision2024 It’s Stingray vote time… “Anything can happen in the next half hour!”

2024-05-11; 11:39pm: #Eurovision2024 Nil points for us! Hahahahahahahahaha

2024-05-11; 11:47pm: #Eurovision2024 I’m not sure people quite understand how long an eternity is, and quite how much pain and suffering can be inflicted on a soul.

As an afterthought to copying the HTML file I generated into WordPress, I need to consider an alternative approach to laying out the tweets. At the moment, I have a class style set up called ‘tweet’ – but I can’t put ‘div’s around the tweets and add the class prior to copying them in, so I have to manually select each tweet in WordPress and tell it to apply the ‘tweet’ class.

One. At. A. TIme. 🙁

I’ll experiment with alternatives – perhaps adding the class to each ‘p’ tag before copying in might work, for example. Whatever, though, it’s done now for this post.

Afterthought to the afterthought: I see I did it as lists last time. I have the ‘tweet’ class for occasional tweets in my posts, not cases like this. Ho hum. 🙂

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