The changing face of VinceH(.com)

This post has been prompted by an email I’ve received – I’ve replied directly, but it’s worth commenting here as well in case anybody else is wondering the same thing. The question was what on Earth is going on with this site, because it keeps changing appearance? It’s been happening a lot over the last week or two – sometimes quite a few times in rapid succession in a short space of time, then staying as is for ages, then another round of changes, and so on.

And the short answer is that I’m trying out different ‘themes’ in the content management system I use. I have some very specific requirements as to how the site appears, so I try something internally, sometimes make it live and try it on another system, then go back to internal changes… etc.

There is a longer answer, which explains in much more detail, and explains not only why I’m doing this, but why – in my case – it’s more complicated than it perhaps is for most people using the same system. I won’t give that answer here, now, because…

Because it’s already part of a draft/incomplete post that I began writing before I started the process, adding to it as I go when I feel there is something I think worth mentioning. Once I’ve found the right theme for this site (in fact, it’s for another, but let’s forget that for now), I’ll finish that post, tidy it up, add a few images as necessary, and it’ll then appear here.

Until then, please bear with me. Ta!

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