Tales from the pandumbic – part 5

When the days roll into one

Since the pandemic hit, and especially since the UK went into lockdown (such as that lockdown is), I’ve been looking on Facebook a lot more than I used to – and earlier this week when I did so I saw this photograph, posted by my sister, when my niece was about to start her online English lesson:

A photo of a computer screen - my niece's online English lesson.
A photo of a computer screen – my niece’s online English lesson.
(photo credit: S M Jennings)

In case the problem doesn’t jump out at you, the image shows that this online English lesson is scheduled for Thuesday 12th May.

I commented:

“This just indicates that whoever wrote it has been staying in so much they are confused about what day of the week it is, so they hedged their bets. Me, I’m not keen on Muednursday, but do look forward to Friatunday.”

Thinking further, the UK’s lockdown has covered quite a bit of Marpray, and the small easements we are now seeing may be too early. As such, while the plans are to gradually ease things further, I suspect that may have to reverse as we enter Junulyst – but we can only wait and see what happens, and hope for the best.

And hope that English teachers those who put these lessons online1 remember how to differentiate one day from the next.

Or at least learn to edit properly when they change their mind about what day they’re preparing a lesson for.

1. It’s been pointed out to me that it may not be (probably isn’t) the teachers themselves who set up the lessons online. That’s true – so I’ve edited the text accordingly – but the point itself still stands, no matter who is responsible. This was an English lesson, FFS!

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