Jun 122010

There seems to be a bit of excitement in the air at the moment surrounding a tournament involving the game of football (or soccer to any Overpuddlian readers). With that in mind, I decided it would be a good idea to resurrect something I wrote about two years ago – this tournament thingummy makes it actually topical! I originally posted this as a Facebook ‘note’ – but here it is in all its glory: Continue reading »

  •  June 12, 2010
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Jan 252010

(Originally posted as a note on my Facebook account, reposted here…)

Too many people are far too addicted to Facebook, and seem to be at a complete loss for something to do when the site isn’t working properly. Here, therefore, are ten suggestions for things to do when Facebook is down or not working properly – or even, just to do instead for a change!

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  •  January 25, 2010
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