Some thoughts on munged email addresses

Note: This post is actually an article I’ve had on a couple of websites for a number of years, originally written shortly after became the victim of a very deliberate use of email addresses at that domain in the headers of UCE (aka a “Joe Job”). Now that this blog is up and running, […]


How to prolong a customer survey

Yesterday morning I received a telephone call from a company acting on behalf of my bank, asking if I would take part in a customer survey – i.e., would I be willing to answer a few questions over the ‘phone? Normally, I’d say “no” to such things, but for various reasons which I won’t go […]


You are here

And so am I. While I procrastinate on an ongoing basis when it comes to finishing the new Soft Rock Software website (just look at the awful variation on my logo which is currently there at the top right – ugh!), which is more important than my personal website (which doesn’t even exist at the […]