An Amazon delivery fail

The block of flats in which I live has two entrances. One is at the front, giving access to the front car park, and on which there is an intercom for visitors and delivery drivers to contact the relevant flat and, if necessary, be ‘buzzed in’. The second is at the rear, giving residents access to the rear and side parking areas, and which doesn’t have an intercom. The only way in through that door is with a key (or coded fob). Therefore, you can logically expect delivery drivers to…

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Potential security issue on Amazon’s website (updated 11/4/2011 – twice)

An example payment method still on my 'old' Amazon account

Over the course of the last few days I’ve discovered what appears to be – or possibly to have been – a fairly notable potential security hole in the Amazon UK website (and possibly others, but I only use the UK site on a regular basis). I will go into detail below about the nature of the security hole and how I discovered it – but first I want to point out that I’ve been trying to cause the problem to manifest itself again today, and failing. This might mean…

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