Tips – well, one tip, anyway – for driving in snow.

The view from my window this morning was of a small white covering on everything: snow. This isn’t deep snow I’m talking about – there was only about an inch of it, judging by the flat, undisturbed surfaces in my garden – but upon seeing it my first thought was “Oh no.” People who drive […]


No way, Mr Spammer

I wondered how long it would take – and the answer is one and a half to two months. One and a half to two months, that is, before spammers found a new potential outlet for their rubbish: the comments section on this blog. (Not that there are very many people reading it!) No spammer […]


TeleBilling Call Back Scam

I received the following invoice a few days ago from TeleBilling Ltd, showing a total amount payable of £39.50. I didn’t recognise the name TeleBilling Ltd. I didn’t recognise the number supposedly called. I didn’t recognise the service that I was apparently being charged for. And I also didn’t recognise the number given as “my” […]